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"The assembly in Gibraltar is now free from all restrictions imposed by the Government. 

We are not now required to social-distance, wear masks, nor apply hand-sanitiser.

All visitors to our assembly will be very welcome, but should any feel it essential to adhere to those restrictions, we will be very happy to facilitate. If so, please advise by telephone or email."  (please see Contact tab above for this information)

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Saints in Storms


Welcome to

Gibraltar Gospel Hall

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We study the Bible

We preach Christ

We do not ask for money
(no offering will be taken)

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"Thy word is true from the beginning" : Psalm 199:160


Who Are We?

We are an assembly of Christians who gather in the Name and to the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Head of the church. We seek to follow the instructions given in the New Testament regarding the Church.

We meet for the observance of the Lord's Supper, for teaching from the Scriptures, for conversational Bible study, for prayer, and for the proclamation of the Gospel. 


Visitors Welcome
All meetings are entirely open to the public. We request that visitors unknown to the assembly, who wish to break bread with us, respect the scriptural beliefs of the assembly and bring a letter of commendation. We encourage you to visit us! You will receive a warm welcome, and have an opportunity to learn more about our Lord Jesus Christ, and how a church should function according to the New Testament.

Click above to go to the daily calendar reading (offsite) for the Choice Gleanings calendar.

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